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COVID-19 Update May 22nd

May 22, 2020
written by: Tennis New Brunswick
written by: Tennis New Brunswick
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Today we have moved on to the yellow phase (at least part way) of recovery in New Brunswick. Well done to all. With today’s announcement, Tennis NB has again modified/edited our Return to Play Guidelines as of May 22, 2020. Please find attached updated documents.

The following are the changes that have been made:

1. Singles and doubles played inside your extended family & friends bubble does not require physical distancing. Singles and doubles played outside of your bubble must still adhere to guidelines/restrictions as outlined in Playing Tennis Safely document including physical distancing.

2. Small tournaments with modified rules.

3. Singles/Doubles organized play, leagues, ladders, etc. adhering to gathering guidelines and physical distancing as needed.

4 Outdoor group lessons allowed with a maximum of 6 per court or 8 children on 4 mini courts using physical distancing.

Please understand that the new extended bubble does not mean that we can play tennis with anybody we want without safety measures in place. This is intended to allow everyone to add additional people to their social extended bubble which would likely include some of our tennis friends. When on court with “everyone” that is in our new bubble, physical distancing is not necessarily required. But this bubble can not include for example everyone who plays at your courts/club, or everyone in your city/town, or everyone in the province. Safety measures will still need to be used for things like leagues or ladders for example as it is unlikely that everyone would be in one big bubble. And lesson programs too would require physical distancing so that is why we recommend the smaller group sizes, parents will probably want to know what measures you have in place. And finally, gatherings still need to be limited, at least for another week.