SNBTA’s Mission

Our mission is to promote the growth of the sport of tennis in Southern New Brunswick Region. Our initial priority will be to establish support groups and funding sponsorships, which will enable the construction and long-term success of an indoor tennis facility in the Saint John area. This facility will service the tennis communities in southern New Brunswick.

Specifically the facility will serve the areas from Sussex to St Stephen while the main core of business will be dependent on the greater Saint John area. Funding must cover the entire capital cost of the facility. Funding will be obtained from four sources: Personal donations (Income Tax deductible), business
sponsorship, municipal, provincial and federal funding.

Project Team

A Core Team will drive this project and deal directly with all groups who become the stakeholders.

Project Team members consists of these positions:

  1. Co – Chairperson / PMO – Project Manager: Dana Brown
  2. Co – Chairperson / Media Team: Matt Morrison
  3. IT & Media Team: Chris Nadeau
  4. Lead Legal Manager: Dave Seely
  5. PMO – Project Leader: Margo Beckwith-Byrne
  6. Facility Design Team: Matt Morrison, Hilary Brock, Dana Brown
  7. Sponsorship Directors / Team Leaders: Hilary Brock, Jim Turnbull, Gregor Hope
  8. Facility Design Team: Matt Morrison, Hilary Brock, Dana Brown

Site Location

The location of the facility is somewhat of a blessing or the kiss of death. After much discussion by our group over the past several years we agree that to ensure the best sustainable option for this facility there are only a couple of quality choices but at this time more discussion is needed to suggest which location would be best.

Ideally it would be best to locate our tennis center near other major sports venues and provide easy access from the Saint John throughway to improve value to the outside tennis communities.

Why an indoor tennis facility in Saint John?

It is truly in the best interest of a community to introduce its children into a lifestyle of active living. The benefits of playing tennis have long been established and the value of giving people in the Saint John area another lifelong activity will not only help residents but also attract new families to our area.

Reasons to Play

Note to Parents: There is little if any risk of concussion in the sport of tennis, which only adds to it’s value as a excellent choice for children.

Besides there are many reasons from an economic or community enhancement point of view:

  1. Southern NB has a large tennis community and we are confident that we will be able to raise a large amount of funding from it’s members. We are equally confident that our business sector will provide a significant contribution to make this facility a reality.
  2. Saint John has been earmarked by TennisNB & Tennis Canada to be one of the best places to establish a tennis facility. Halifax has 2 facilities, Truro and Fredericton both have one. Fredericton estimate that over 50% of those using their facility did not play tennis prior to the construction of the AFTC.
  3. This facility could become a catalyst for the revitalization of the Main Street area in the North End or any area where it becomes located.
  4. Tennis is the fastest growing traditional sport in Canada. Atlantic Canada has been the area that has seen the largest increase in growth.
  5. Our project group which includes representation from the entire Southern New Brunswick area, are determined we can establish this facility with all the positive benefits of having a quality recreational facility in a revitalized and easily accessed area for the regional without financial stress on the city. 100% funding for the center would be obtained before the project starts.

View our complete list of Reasons to Play Tennis!

Your generosity in helping build this facility will bring tennis to a great community.

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