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Outdoor Playing Ops

Revised:  March 26, 2016


Outdoor Junior Atlantics Qualifying/Circuit Events

The Outdoor ATA Circuit will consist of 4 Qualifying/Circuit Events, one to be held in each of the four Provinces.  Note that since this is part of our National Qualification that these are closed events and only players from Atlantic Canada can participate.  The following is the schedule of these events for 2016:

Event #1:  June 3 – June 5:  Newfoundland & Labrador, St. John’s

Event #2:  June 10 – June 12:  Nova Scotia, Halifax

Event #3:  June 24 -26:  Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown

Event #4:  July 1 – July 3:  New Brunswick, Moncton (combined with East Coast Open)

Players may play 2 singles events in the Circuit Events in an effort to earn advanced placement for Atlantics.  However, the Atlantics Qualifier will be restricted as indicated below.

Registration for the above events is done through the respective Provincial Tennis Association in which the event is being held.  General format, depending on numbers, will be standard draws with first round consolation.  Provinces have the option to make modifications to the format.


Outdoor Atlantics:

As per the above, there will be 4 qualifying events of which players must participate in at least one to be eligible to attend the Outdoor Atlantics.

The 2016 Outdoor Junior Atlantics will be held in Truro, NS on July 13 – July 17.  The event will be a 5 day tournament, split into 2 events; a main draw and a qualifying draw (see details below) to begin on Wednesday, July 13.  This change allows us some flexibility in case of rain and will help improve the chances that there is adequate time to include doubles.

Outdoor Atlantics:


Under 10 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 12 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 14 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 16 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 18 Boys & Girls Singles

Under 10 Doubles:  Combined unless numbers warrant

Under 14 Boys & Girls Doubles

Under 18 Boys & Girls Doubles

Format for MAIN DRAW:

All singles divisions, with the exception of Under 10, will be elimination draws with feed-in consolation to the semis.  The draw begins with the quarters, so the feed in would mean the 2 losers of the semi’s would feed into the consolation semi’s and could potentially play off for the 3rd and 4th positions.  Scoring format for main draw singles and feed-in consolation will be best 2 of 3 tiebreaker sets with full 3rd sets.  Under 10 singles will be round robin format with playoffs and will play best 2 of 3 short sets to 4 with full 3rd sets.  Small draws will use modified format.

All doubles divisions, with the exception of Under 10, will be standard elimination draws with no consolation.  Scoring format for doubles will be best 2 of 3 sets, no ad scoring, and 3rd set 10 point super tiebreaker.  Under 10 doubles will play best 2 of 3 short sets to 4, no ad scoring and 3rd set 10 point super tiebreaker.


Atlantics Advanced Draw Placement:

The winner of each of the qualifying/circuit events will receive an automatic advanced berth in the Outdoor Atlantics to the quarter-final round and additionally a “Points Race” (see details below) will qualify an additional player with advancement to the quarter-final round.  Thus, 5 players will receive spots in the round of 8 and all other players will have to play in a main draw qualifying process for the remaining 3 spots.  This will take place on the first 2 days of the Outdoor Atlantics tournament.   Note that in the case that a player wins multiple qualifying events, additional advanced placement spots will be determined from the “Points Race” to fill out the 5 designated spots.

NFLD Special Case:  If in the NFLD qualifier, two of the top 3 ranked players in Atlantic Canada in an age group make it to the final, both would receive automatic advanced placement for Atlantics.  This could result in a 6th spot being awarded in the quarter final round of Atlantics.  However, if in this case, there are multiple winners of any of the 4 events, only 5 spots will be awarded and no second additional player from the “Points Race” will receive a spot.


Atlantics Main Draw Qualifier:

Format for QUALIFIER:  All eligible players who did not receive advanced placement will play in an Atlantics Main Draw Qualifier to begin on Wednesday, July 15th.  This will be a standard draw with consolation play.  If 2 spots are available in the main draw quarter finals, the 2 finalists will advance (no match will be played), if 3 spots are available, the semi finals will be played,  the 2 winners advance,  and the 2 non-winners would play a third place match to determine the 3rd player to advance.  Scoring format will be best 2 of 3 sets with 3rd sets being 10 point super-tiebreakers.  Consolation matches will be 8 game pro sets.  PLAYERS MAY ONLY PARTICIPATE IN A 2ND SINGLES DIVISION IF THEY ARE IN THE TOP 4 IN THEIR RESPECTIVE PROVINCIAL RANKINGS OF THE OLDER AGE GROUP.  HOWEVER, BY PLAYING 2, YOU ARE AGREEING TO POTENTIALLY PLAY MORE MATCHES EACH DAY OF THE EVENT.

Points Race:  As indicated above, non-winners of a Qualifying/Circuit Event will be eligible for an advanced placement spot in the round of 8 for the Outdoor Atlantics.   A player’s best 2 tournament results will be used to determine standings for the point’s race using the table below.  At the conclusion of the 4 events, the player with the most points will be awarded a spot.  If one or more players are tied, then the below is the process for determining the spot allocation:

  1. Head to head results if played each other at the 4 qualifying events
  2. Rogers Rankings

Points Race Schema for the 4 Atlantic Championship Qualifying/CircuitEvents